About Dennis Wong YOR Health

Dennis Wong YOR HealthCalifornia-based YOR Health is one of the nation’s fastest-growing health and wellness product companies and is on a mission to help people return to a more natural way of living. Led by lifestyle advocate Dennis Wong, YOR Health is comprised of four distinct product lines: essential oils, bath and body products, protein and superfood powders, and YOR Health supplements.

Essential oils

Dennis Wong says YOR Health essential oils are a breakthrough in the natural living market. YOR Health offers nearly three dozen Certified Organic essential oils. Dennis Wong of YOR Health explains that essential oils are used across the globe to help boost mood and increase the immune system.

Bath and body

YOR Health has formulated an exclusive line of bath and body products available only to YOR Health customers, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health has created the world’s most inviting hygiene experience with the release of its premium body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. Dennis Wong and YOR Health continue to add to the company’s catalog of natural hygiene products.

Protein and superfood powders

Who isn’t grateful for a brand-new day? Dennis Wong of YOR Health certainly is. YOR Health’s exclusive powdered supplement line boasts proprietary blends of protein powder and non-GMO plant-based superfoods to start each morning off right. Dennis Wong, YOR Health customers, and nutrition experts agree that most diets are deficient in the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants the body greatly needs to perform at its best. YOR Health provides these and more in low carb, low sugar mixtures.

YOR Health supplement line

Dennis Wong says YOR Health is his company’s inaugural line of health and nutrition products. YOR Health YOR SuperGreens and YOR Shake are two of the company’s most popular offerings and bring nutritionally deficient men and women an easy and delicious way to replace lost vitamins and minerals. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health YOR Repair was the company’s first muscle repair formula and has been praised for its effectiveness by athletes across the globe, including former NFL superstar Tim Brown.

About YOR Health

Founded by brother and sister super duo Sophia and Dennis Wong, YOR Health was launched in 2008 as a way to help others overcome their health and nutrition hurdles. The company originally featured a handful of core products – YOR Shake, YOR Probiotics Ultra, YOR CompleteBurn, and others — and has since grown from a small startup to a global family of like-minded individuals set on continuing the wellness revolution. With products starting at less than $2, Dennis Wong says YOR Health is a smart and affordable way to intake nutrition without sacrificing quality.

About Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder

Dennis Wong of YOR Health moved to the United States with his family as a toddler. He and his sister/cofounder Sophia worked together on numerous other successful ventures prior to YOR Health. From real estate to technology, Dennis Wong of YOR Health excelled at every turn, but eventually fell ill. After exhaustive research into what lifestyle changes could have prevented his illness, Wong’s next move was clear. Dennis Wong says YOR Health was established based on his own personal experience and beliefs that wellness is a way of life, not an afterthought.