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Dennis Wong: YOR Health Draws Attention to Dangerous Yet Common Ingredient

Sodium benzoate is a naturally-occurring chemical. It is found in fruits and certain spices and is used as an antifungal preservative in many common household goods, including bath and body products, vinegar, sodas, cosmetics, and mouthwash. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says, however, that the majority of sodium benzoate found in these products is derived synthetically.

Synthetic doesn’t mean safe

Many people mistakenly assume that synthetic means safe. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health disagrees. Synthetic products, while often subject to strict regulations and guidelines, aren’t necessarily good for the body or the environment. The Mayo Clinic has actually looked into sodium benzoate, along with a number of food dyes, as a possible trigger for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Longer shelf life, lower quality

Dennis Wong of YOR Health says that sodium benzoate is used to extend the shelf life of products. Unfortunately, chemical additives are no replacement for simply eating fresh fruits and vegetables and using safe and natural products in the home. The ability to keep items looking new for longer often means companies sacrifice quality for quantity.

YOR Health Products are different

Dennis Wong says YOR Health products are made shelf-stable with a natural form of sodium benzoate. Unlike its lab-created counterpart, YOR Health’s sodium benzoate is 100% plant-based, created from fruits and other plants. It is a special formulation of water, gluconic acid, and benzoic acid. Dennis Wong of YOR Health says these last two ingredients are sourced from tree bark and the natural fermentation of vegetables and fruits, respectively.

Dennis Wong and the YOR Health team is committed to providing YOR Health customers a healthy and natural alternative to the chemical cocktails we’ve become so accustomed to.

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