Dennis Wong YOR Health

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health Essential Oils Derived from Organic Sources

In 2015, Dennis Wong of YOR Health announced the launch of YOR Health ’s exclusive selection of essential oils. Today, Wong continues to promote one of his company’s most popular product lines.

Q: Where do YOR Health’s essential oils come from?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: All of our essential oil products derive from some of the world’s best farmers. We contract with USDA Certified Organic farms, which must meet exacting criteria set forth by US National Organic Standards.

Q: How are the oils extracted?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Once each crop reaches its peak compounding season, the plants are cultivated and oils are extracted using a cold press or steam distillation system. Our first-run oils are mined without the use of harmful chemicals and then bottled in special glass containers which protect against harmful UV rays and oxidation.

Q: What are some of the most popular uses for essential oils?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Our essential oils are anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and full of antioxidants. For this, we consider them the perfect healing, cleansing, culinary, and aromatherapy companion. Essential oils work by triggering synapses in the brain to help relieve a number of symptoms including pain, nausea, cravings, and stress. Essential oils have been shown to be a powerful and positive influence on emotional and mental health.

Q: Why organic?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: We have chosen to use strictly organic products for their quality and purity. By trusting our customer’s health and wellness to only USDA Certified Organic Farms, we are able to ensure they will not come into contact with potentially harmful pesticides. Farms that have chosen to seek out certification status have proven that they are fully committed to growing and harvesting their crops in the most natural way possible. For our farmers, this is a labor of love and that dedication not only aligns with YOR Health’s mission and values, but also shines through in the quality of our products.