Dennis Wong YOR Health

Dennis Wong Says YOR Health Trusts Organic Ingredients

Is organic really best? Read on as Dennis Wong of YOR Health answers this and other questions in the following brief interview.

Q: Why are essential oils more powerful than simply eating/smelling the plant from which it was derived?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Essential oils are the compounds in the plant that give it medicinal, healing, or other beneficial properties. Most plants don’t actually contain a great deal of oil, maybe a fraction of a drop. When the oils are extracted, they are highly concentrated. For example, it takes greater than 30 pounds of lavender flowers to produce a single vial of lavender essential oil.

Q: Why is it important to use only Certified Organic oils? Isn’t it cheaper to harvest from plants grown using mainstream methods?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Yes, it’s actually much less expensive that way. However, consider this: When you extract the oils, you are also extracting concentrated chemicals, usually pesticides. These poisons, which cannot be separated from the oil, can be 100x stronger concentrated than when ingested via diet. We want our customers to be safe and that means using only the best farms around the world to grow our plants.

Q: So all essential oil lines are not created equal, then?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: No way! Organic is always best, especially where essential oils are concerned. Many companies market their oils as “better than organic” when in reality, there is nothing better than organic, only marketing terminology to make you think otherwise.

Q: What does it mean that YOR Health manages quality “from soil to oil?”

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Exactly that. We have people on the ground who inspect our contract farmers. We have experts on-hand during the extraction process to ensure it’s done right. Our QA department is involved in every aspect of the process, from the selection of the farms to the type of bottles we use to package our exclusive line of essential oils and oil blends.